Why did you start a popcorn business?

To  understand why I would go along with a wild idea like selling popcorn for a living, my story must start with telling you a little more about my husband, Nick. Nick is a CREATOR.  He really enjoys making things and making them well. When we started dating he was into making costumes. He handmade an Avatar costume and wore it with full confidence down 9th street to a film festival. That’s right. He was full body blue, it was skin tight...you know for full effect.  I thought it was too much and tried to rein him in. He wore it. He pranced into that film and caught the attention of the director of the documentary, “Super Size Me.” He even got invited to the after party! I ate my words. So with this guy you never know what is going to happen. He is up for anything and he always goes big.

We had only been married for a few months when Nick started thinking about making a business. He revealed a plot to take over the radio industry (as random as it sounds.) Did he have a plan? Well, he seemed to think so. For weeks, discussing this “revolutionary” idea absolutely consumed him. Let me note here that he had no radio experience. Zip. Zero. He said he needed A MILLION DOLLARS to get started - as if it were nothing. Just, “I’ll need a million bucks.” I’m sorry, but WHAT?! Nick was pulling in $12 an hour and I had just lost my job. The radio gig was NOT happening. It couldn’t. He was convinced his radio advertising idea would change the music industry. What was the idea? I still don’t fully understand what it. Something about putting advertisements into songs. At any rate, he was sold on it.

I, on the other hand, was convinced I had married a lunatic – and wondered if there was a 90-day return policy on my husband.

A friend of ours knew we had been locked in heated debate for a few weeks and decided to come over for dinner to diffuse the situation. He mentioned to Nick that he had always enjoyed the popcorn Nick brought to parties. Nick made it on the stove in a stock pot with just salt and oil. He would make enough to fill a grocery bag, which we would bring to share. The grocery-bag popcorn or his PARTY POPCORN had always been a hit, but I never knew why we couldn’t just bring chips like normal people.

I should have known better that in life with Nick nothing would be “normal” again. So when our dinner-friend went on to tell us he had recently seen a fun popcorn-franchise. He encouraged Nick to try his hand at his own gourmet flavors. And Nick’s grand radio plan? Dead on the spot. I made sure it was dead by going along with the popcorn idea, provided Nick never mentioned radio again. Secretly, I was hoping popcorn would be a short-lived distraction. But it worked out that we both fell in love with building our own popcorn brand.

Why did we start a popcorn business? Well, it was a better idea than a radio station. Don’t you think?

Nick as an avatar and director of “Super Size Me” Morgan Spurlock.

Nick as an avatar and director of “Super Size Me” Morgan Spurlock.