How's the new building?

You know when you motion to a pregnant woman and say “How’s it going?” Like how is the baby making process? And she gives an exhausted shrug and says, “It’s going.” Then you give a reassuring nod and say, “anytime now.” And she gives a grimace back and says “not soon enough.” 

That’s me. I am the fictitious pregnant woman.  A LOT is going on at 525 Court Street. It is hard to break down but at the end of 9 months of the hardest work of our lives I have no doubt we will have a sure fire miracle building. 

On the project we ARE close. . So when the street fair came to town we were sanding floors and pulling nails. There was a literal Ferris wheel out my window and a (small) balloon glow a few blocks down the street. But we had our eyes on the prize. On the Fourth of July we were sanding floors till 11 pm catching glimpses of fireworks in the windows as we continued our work. Did I mention there is ZERO AC or plumbing in this building in the Missouri summer. When grandma takes my kiddo for a weekend so we can work we are pulling 10 hour days in the Missouri heat. And we are NOVICES. Like I said crazy people. Now don’t feel sorry for us. We do want to do this. I don’t feel like we are missing out on life. We are literally living our once in a lifetime opportunity and it is all for the love of popcorn.

There are tons of stresses that go into a re model of this magnitude. Especially since our biggest home projects up into this point have been an unsuccessful attempt at staining our deck and changing light bulbs.

Nick and I work together everyday but has this tested us. I am very Marie Kando. If I’m not using it throw it out. Done. Clean. Nick is very not. He wants to save everything for a rainy day. Problem is that when he is saving enough wood for a lumber yard, old burned joists, tile grids, tiles, plywood, doors, 500+ glass shelves we found in the basement and everything else he can hold we run out of space to work really fast.  I finally convinced him to toss the last of the glass shelves, part with the tile grid, drive off the plywood to someone who can use it, and assure our FANTASTIC contractors that Nick will not hunt them in their sleep for scraping things. Then we had that part in the remodel show where you get “the call”. You know how you really wanted to do plan A…well plan A isn’t going to work because of fire code...ok...and you MAY have to buy a tile grid.  I mean the irony of all this is not wasted on me. Going back to tell your husband who admittedly has a slight hoarding problem he should have held onto something a little longer is a talk no one wants to have.

 Yet here we are...regardless 525 Court is coming to life in its own time. We have closed our regular shop at 526 Court not because we got kicked out, although there is a for rent sign on the window. We are still in there but because we are so gosh darn busy with 525 we waved the flag that we are only human and decided to focus all in on finishing this. Hopefully that involves nothing that we already threw out, but I’m not counting on it. 

  • Brooke